TPP and the copyright future

Canada is still considering if they will ratify TPP. The TPP looks very grim in many ways and the section on copyright is just one more issue to worry about. Luckily the United States is also worried about TPP and many presidential candidates have voiced their concerns. If they U.S backs out of TPP the whole trade deal may fall apart.

My question is if TPP goes forward and Canada ratifies it what does that mean for freedom of expression in Canada? Freedom of expression is protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There is a clause to override that freedom but it has had very little public support.  If Canada decides that corporate interest is worth more than freedom of expression, Canadians may start to question if Canada can be called a democracy anymore.


Subtle Changes with Copyright Provision in TPP

A slight change in TPP may lead to the possibility of an expanded definition of copyright violation. This means that their could be a possibility for more criminal action as well. The version of the TPP released in November allowed for signatories to be exempt from enacting a variety criminal laws relating to copyright infringement as long as they did not prevent copyright holders from being able to make money off of their works.

The new version takes away this exemption. The Electronic Frontier Foundation believes that this means that all copyright violations are to be illegal under the TPP. Even if they do not prevent copyright holders from making money. It is unclear why this change has happened because governments have spoke on this change.

Maybe corporations have lobbied TPP for this change. If that is the case corporations may not trust judicial interpretations of what will or will not prevent copyright holders from making money. With these changes corporations do not need worry about judicial interpretation because no copyright violation would be okay.