American Netflix

Some shows or movies are on American Netflix and not Canadian Netflix because Netflix does not have the Canadian rights to those shows or movies  (Possibly because a competitor has those rights) Many Canadians who have Netflix feel like Canadian Netflix is being unreasonable by not giving them access to their favourite shows and movies that can be found on American Netflix. The solution to this problem is virtual private networks and proxy services that can be found online to trick Netflix into thinking your computer is actually in the United States.

Canadians accessing shows and Movies only found on American Netflix does violate copyright. Theoretically the owners of the copyright of the shows and movies found exclusively on American Netflix can sue Canadians who are illegally accessing American Netflix. It has not happened yet though.

This suggests Canadians are not content with Canadian movies and TV shows. Canadians would rather  have more American movies and TV shows on Canadian Netflix. Does this mean Canadian culture is to much influenced by the United States? I think it might mean that.

It is worrisome that accessing American Netflix violates copyright regardless if no one has been punished yet for using American Netflix. I can understand frustrations of people who feel like they are not getting what they paid for because the American Netflix has T.V shows and movies they cannot watch. It would be awful if Canadians started to face criminal charges for accessing American Netflix illegally. When everyday citizens start becoming criminals because they  found a way to watch movies and T.V shows that can’t be found on Canadian Netflix then copyright law has gone too far.


Remix thoughts

Remix stresses that creative ideas come from combinations of other ideas. Remix suggested that every idea is either a mash-up or a recycled version of an old creation.  I am not convinced that these are the only two options for creative works.  Does that mean that hip hop culture is not art because it involves sampling from other songs? Absolutely not! Hip hop is just as valid of an art form as any other musical genre even if it does involve sampling. Does it need to involve sampling? I think it can exist without sampling.

Art does not have to be a mash-up or  recycled from previous pieces of art.  That does not mean that those forms of art or invalid. Combining or tweaking existing art can be a creative expression of an individual. Does the individual who combines or tweaks art needs to be subjected to copyright? I think that if a mash-up can blend songs in a way that makes them unrecognizable than they should not be subjected to copyright but I am unsure if they should be subjected to copyright if they are recognizable.  What I do not believe is that the creative works are only composed of mash-ups and recycled versions of old art work. One can be influenced by artists work and use that for their own creations.